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For mothers to honor themselves and find their voice

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Awakening the Divine Feminine

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Amy Weintraub

Founder of LifeForce Yoga®, Author, Pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health

How Yoga can help Mothers heal depression and anxiety

Christine Laria

Sound Channel, Spiritual Guide and Teacher, and Claire-Sensory Healer

How Sound Can Re-orient You to Center

Vandana Atara Aura

Divine Channel, Soothesayer, Soul Guide & The Creator Of Vandana Light Healing

Self-care for Mothers & Divine Love Embodiment

Lanna Spencer

Multidimensional SEER & light weaver, bridger of realms & Spiritual midwife for Awakening

Continuity Consciousness & Vibrational Awareness

Jinju Dasalla

Medicine of “Flow”, Divine Feminine Wisdom Awakening, Creator of NaiAsana™

Activate Your Goddess Brain with the Medicine Flow

About Us

WRIL is about giving guidance to mothers, to finally believe that it’s possible to make time for themselves without feeling guilty or thinking that they are not good enough; to find balance and release the burden of trying hard to be perfect and making everyone else first; to be an example for their kids and others, showing that there are other fulfilling and inspiring ways to be, to live and to create; to move beyond self-judgement, and to embrace the power, the love and the gifts that are already within.

WRIL’s content and programs are created by mothers, sharing their message and inspiring stories of how they could make time for what they love while still being a loving and supportive mothers for their kids.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Series

March 3rd to April 5th, 2021

Free live & interactive sessions with transformational spiritual & wellness leaders Mothers, assisting mothers to find their voice. Plus guidance and tools to help your kid(s) embody their true authentic self.

Mothers’ Voice Podcast

Interviews on finding and expressing your Voice in your own unique way. Plus advices and tools to help your kid(s) embody their true authentic self.

New on the Blog

Interviews, Articles, Musing and more

I gave up being perfect – Monika Kobylec

I gave up being perfect – Monika Kobylec

Actually, when I became a mother, I was only a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Quite effective at work for managerial positions, interested in music, art and sport. I founded the company just before becoming pregnant…

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Difficult Emotions Aren’t Your Enemy

Difficult Emotions Aren’t Your Enemy

while our natural reaction may be to hide from them, numb them or do anything but embrace them, this may be just the thing that’s keeping us stuck where we are… When we avoid those uncomfortable feelings and try to get around them, we give them…

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Saying No to Mom Guilt and Yes to Following Your Dreams

Saying No to Mom Guilt and Yes to Following Your Dreams

The first time I felt like a failure as a mother, it was when my first born was only 4 days old. I was sore, overwhelmed and exhausted, and I had never felt more ill-equipped for a task in my entire life. I was sure that no other mothers had thoughts like…

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