MV27: Cultivate more presence, joy and love in your life with Nicole Terrell

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest

Nicole Terrell is the Founder and Creator of the Passionate Mamas community and a life coach who helps moms fall madly in love with themselves and their lives through embracing their feminine receiving energy and tapping into their natural creative superpowers. She believes that as moms, we love so hard and we want more than anything to give our kids the world. However, when we get trapped in the cycle of depletion, it makes it near impossible to have anything left to give our kids. When we learn to put our needs first and pursue our own pleasure in all ways, we become a magnet for ease in our lives, and this abundance and beauty begins to spill over to benefit those we love.

About this episode:

In this episode with Nicole Terrell, you’ll learn about:

  • Her motherhood journey at a young age and supporting herself emotionally
  • Surrendering control and allowing yourself to receive
  • Creating what you desire in life
  • Dealing with Mom’s guilt and creating healthy boundaries
  • Communicating and getting your needs met

About the Show

On the show, Moncef interviews wellness and spiritual teachers, speakers and leaders, who are mothers, sharing their stories, guidance and practical tools, so you can find your voice, and create balance between your motherhood responsibilities and honoring yourself and your own needs, without feeling guilty of taking time for yourself and without being afraid of not being a good mom. You will also receive parenting tips to raise your kids in a way that will help them embody their true authentic self. Moncef will also interview non-speakers and non-teachers mothers who have inspiring stories or experiences to share.

Moncef Afkir

Moncef Afkir

Your Host

Moncef is the host of Mothers’ Voice Podcast,  Awakening The Divine Feminine Series, and Your Divine Uniqueness Show.

His true spiritual passion led him to leave his career as an engineer, and dedicate himself to contributing to the current global awakening.


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