MV37: Free Yourself From Other’s Emotional Baggage with Gabrielle Spencer

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest

Gabrielle Spencer is known as the “Practical Spiritualist” and the “Heart Harmonizer” who activates your soul’s mission-driven purpose, to maximize your impact in the world & ignite your legacy of personal and professional wealth & abundance.

She is a multidimensional intuitive channel and high frequency healer & activator who accesses the ancient formulas, keys and codes needed to assist you to clear your multi-dimensional heart, spirit, mind and soul’s consciousness to connect you with your full force of gifts and abilities by dramatically raising your frequency.

She provides NOW moment guidance for your quickest path to clearing out what is keeping you from reclaiming your own soul’s purpose and abundance! Get ready to receive multi-dimensional and universal harmonics to shift you into the Conscious Wealth Creator you are meant to be!

Free Gift:

  • Cleanup: to clear the emotions and imbalances held within the energy of your home.
  • Protection: Activating multi-dimensional protection for your home.
  • Golden Light: Setting the energy of your home to the highest calibration of Light!

About this episode:

We had a very powerful call with Gabrielle Spencer, where she shared inspiring insights about freeing yourself and taking back your power when you feel tired and overwhelmed of taking in all the family’s emotional baggage.

She shared practical guidance for you to create a safe space to connect to your emotional body, to deal more consciously with daily life triggers, to support your healing journey, and to hold space for your children when they are ready to receive your support.

She also talked about navigating the current times challenges and creating more abundance when you are a provider for your family.

About the Show

On the show, Moncef interviews wellness and spiritual teachers, speakers and leaders, who are mothers, sharing their stories, guidance and practical tools, so you can find your voice, and create balance between your motherhood responsibilities and honoring yourself and your own needs, without feeling guilty of taking time for yourself and without being afraid of not being a good mom. You will also receive parenting tips to raise your kids in a way that will help them embody their true authentic self. Moncef will also interview non-speakers and non-teachers mothers who have inspiring stories or experiences to share.

Moncef Afkir

Moncef Afkir

Your Host

Moncef is the host of Mothers’ Voice Podcast,  Awakening The Divine Feminine Series, and Your Divine Uniqueness Show.

His true spiritual passion led him to leave his career as an engineer, and dedicate himself to contributing to the current global awakening.


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