MV39: Growth, Healing, and Resilience Through Trauma with Athea Davis

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest

Athea Davis is a mindfulness educator at KIPP Texas Public Schools. She’s the author of Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Daily Meditations for Youth, Parents & Families, and the creator of the powerfully positive weekly classroom + home resource, the affirmation + art card deck, also called, Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce!

Athea owns Sol Sense Yoga, a mindfully-infused education and leadership company, where she leads live mindfulness trainings + digital courses for leaders, educators, and parents.

She is the host of the rising education podcast, Mindful Living with Athea Davis.

Athea lives with her superhero love family in Houston, Texas and is dedicated to spreading the awesomesauce sparkle here, there, and everywhere!

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About this episode:

Athea Davis shares inspiring and practical guidance on a subject that we may find ourselves avoiding by numbing out or tuning the pain out.

Dealing with personal trauma can cause discomfort and pain that come up to the surface. Athea shares the process for you to feel safe to open your heart and heal without overwhelm.

She also discusses how, as a Mother, you can navigate your healing process when your children are asking for your presence and time.

Powerful call !!

About the Show

On the show, Moncef interviews wellness and spiritual teachers, speakers and leaders, who are mothers, sharing their stories, guidance and practical tools, so you can find your voice, and create balance between your motherhood responsibilities and honoring yourself and your own needs, without feeling guilty of taking time for yourself and without being afraid of not being a good mom. You will also receive parenting tips to raise your kids in a way that will help them embody their true authentic self. Moncef will also interview non-speakers and non-teachers mothers who have inspiring stories or experiences to share.

Moncef Afkir

Moncef Afkir

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Moncef is the host of Mothers’ Voice Podcast,  Awakening The Divine Feminine Series, and Your Divine Uniqueness Show.

His true spiritual passion led him to leave his career as an engineer, and dedicate himself to contributing to the current global awakening.


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