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Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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New Ways of Being


In this heart-centered with Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, you will learn about:

  • We are called to step forward in a way that we’ve never done before
  • Learn about DNA activations and how they can be expressed in your life
  • How as a Mother, you can honor yourself and take advantage of the current times to bring your multi-dimentionality to your life
  • Following your own unique blueprint
  • Practices to embody more of your higher self’s aspects
  • Supporting your family in their path
  • Experiencing Love beyond the differences between you and your kids

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About Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Abigail is an Intuitive Quantum Goddess Coach, a Leader, a Divine Feminine Activator and a Multidimensional Healer. She is the creatrix of the Moon Goddess Circles and Moon Goddess Academy.

She is a Catalyst for Expansion pioneering the birth of “New Ways of Being” into this realm. I lovingly serve to remind you of what you really are beyond the limitations that you are currently perceiving so that you can remember your Higher Self, your divine power and gifts, your Infinite Self and your Infinite capacity to choose and create.

My work as an Intuitive Goddess coach involves helping women and sometimes men to cultivate their inner world so they can create their soul-aligned life with ease. I help people with their soul-aligned life and I do this through Soul Coaching, Quantum Energy Healing, DNA Activations, Clearing, Meditations, etc.

I work deeply and richly with the goddess in Everything I does. I inspires, activates and empowers you to step into your power to create the life you desire with ease and grace. I help facilitate powerful transformation in my clients.

Through my work, my clients move from fear, disempowerment, disconnection, and confusion to experiencing clarity of vision and mission, motivated, empowered and a life where they really can have it ALL.

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What others are saying about Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

“As a leader, Abigail has an infectious glow and brings balance between loving nurturance and challenging one’s inhibitions. She has gently allowed for me to deeply and safely reveal my truths.” ~Laura P.

“Abigail has been a gift in my life. I was unknowingly guided to her to receive the spiritual help I’ve been looking for in a long time. Since working with her, I’ve been receiving help and clarity from the Universe in the simple ways I can understand and accept.
I totally recommend Abigail.” ~Renata S.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Abigail and I look forward to any future work. I feel more at ease in my life and heart and able to flow and allow better. I have been connecting with the Divine Source each day and can feel the difference. Thank you!” ~Josh C.

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