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Helping Highly Sensitive Child Thrive

Expires June 8th

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In this heart-centered with Amy Vasterling, you will learn about:

  • Amy’s story of discovering a new way of parenting Highly Sensitive Children (HSC), where they can be sovereign and autonomous
  • Helping HSC in cultivating and showing their skill of being highly effective change makers
  • Shifting from an authoritative parenting to helping kids trust themselves and their own knowing
  • The core cause of HSC are being diagnosed at an early age
  • Teaching HSC about vulnerability and self-love
  • Helping HSC with discerning between their own emotions and those they pick up from others

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How to Always Be A Good Enough Parent – Ebook

Article by Amy Vasterling:

How to talk to your children about the corona virus:

About Amy Vasterling

Amy Vasterling is a speaker who teaches parents, educators and college students about the highly sensitive personality type in children. She hosts retreats, teaches accredited classes and designed a method specifically created for parents raising a highly sensitive child. As a highly sensitive person herself who is raising two highly sensitive children she saw something in her kids that shifted her thinking about parenting entirely. As a result, people who use these methods find the highly sensitive child becomes their easiest to parent, educate or treat. On a personal note when Amy was young she tamed an unruly horse named Wildfire through realizing she had a highly sensitive personality type like Amy.

What others are saying about Amy Vasterling

“Amy Vasterling is a fabulous teacher with a generous, loving soul who helps people be the best they can be. She speaks not of theory but of application, examples and conversations, which allows a more engaging and deeper learning experience. She is able to build community within the classroom by fostering and maintaining a shared sense of trust with the participants, which allows us all to develop as people and as parents. I value each time I get to spend with Amy and learn something new. ” ~Kerrie E. Mother of 3 Boys (one is highly sensitive)

“Once I learned to trust my son has a journey of his own and it’s not my job to control or enable his behavior everything changed as a result of Amy’s coaching, help, and kind support.” ~Pilar F. Mother of two highly sensitive children

“Amy has given me the best strategies for supporting my children in a positive way while also being able to hold my boundaries as a parent. She has amazing insights and is a fabulous resource.” ~Nina C. Mother of 2 Girls (one is highly sensitive)

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