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Anna von Frances’ story of overcoming abuse and now thriving and traveling with her daughter


In this heart-centered session, Anna von Frances talks about her mental health journey finding herself alone and pregnant in Guatemala and then finding the strength to leave an abusive relationship and move to Mexico alone with her daughter, now thriving and traveling the world.

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About Anna von Frances

Anna von Frances gave up all of her possessions in Canada to travel full time in August 2015. Six months into her travels, Anna found herself unexpectedly pregnant in Guatemala and fled to Mexico 7 months later to have her baby alone in the mountains. She was near financial ruin, suicidal, and in an abusive relationship.

Not long after giving birth to her daughter Luna, Anna decided to start backpacking again with baby in tow and in Anna’s own words, “literally walked out of that fire, the mother of dragons”. Eight countries later she is living the life many people dream of, on the beaches of Mexico, with her precocious toddler. Anna now teaches parents how to get more out of traveling with their kids on Instagram (@travelmamaannavon), YouTube, and in online courses. Now settled in Puerto Escondido, Anna and Luna have a deep appreciation for the land of Luna’s birth and don’t see themselves living anywhere else. Parents and non-parents alike will be able to relate to her no nonsense personality and humor, eco friendly and open minded view of the world, and how she has turned her life around completely and become an admired online and social media presence.

What others are saying about Anna von Frances

Expedia Employee
“What a thrill to hear Anna share her life and travel experiences with us. Her raw talent and bold, unfiltered truth telling is so refreshing, especially in the social media space where smoke-and-mirrors are common. I can’t wait to follow her journeys with Luna as they hop around the planet.”

Google Employee
“I loved Anna’s authenticity – about her struggles, her triumphs, and her tips for keeping her priorities in check. She’s made me think a lot about my own!”


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