Carmelle Riley Session

Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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Sound Healing and Holographic Blessing

In this heart-centered session, Carmelle Riley is sharing:

  • Message for anyone who is feeling isolated and fearful
  • Astrological update about the current energies
  • Circle of Light and Love with Sound Healing and Holographic Blessing

Sisters Collective:


About Carmelle Riley

Emerging from a childhood where violence, fear, pain, cultural and family disconnection shaped much of her early-life, Carmelle’s later life mission has been about calling in her ancestral gifts to create positive change and sharing light with others…. Her favourite sharings are kohātu (rocks) crystals and quantum astrology and more latterly quantum healing.

She practised as a commercial lawyer till 2000, which led to a 20 year career coaching indigenous businesses to promote abundance/de-colonialist thinking and lead change – as in wide-scale consciousness and systemic shifts for young people, the environment or atua (natural) domains as well as collective wellbeing / wairuatanga.

With the cosmic shift-up 2012 and whilst she was living in Dubai, three delicate strands of amethyst, garnet and jade came into her possession. This caused a gradual awakening (and the creation of a crystal jewellery business Sisters Collective) till her life exploded with the painful Leo/Aquarius solar eclipses of 2017 and 2017. But like the phoenix that rises from the ashes came the creation of a global partnership and the astrojewels 12 sign collection and the creation of modern crystal Hei Tiki taonga – an ancient polynesian tribal talisman – protector of family prosperity, female fertility and hauora (wellbeing).

Guided by He Marama (Mother moon) her guiding ascendant planet, and the maramataka (ancient moon chart) with a mash-up of black hole astrology and deep space theory, Carmelle mixes social-cultural-environmental enterprise with a practice of embracing the sacred in every moment. It is a somewhat challenging role living in Christchurch, NZ, a city vibrating at the level of 10-175 (2010-11 earthquakes that flattened the city, and the white supremacist massacre in 2019) but we all have a part in awakening consciousness and sharing the light. Carmelle passion is to guide others into a practical ascension of their own indigenous pathways, star-charts, guiding planets, and ancestoral gifts which can catalyse ascension and awareness shifts because anyone can grow their ability to make seemingly mundane relationships, experiences and objects portals for love, healing, protection, connection and abundance.

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