Christine Laria Session

Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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How Sound Can Re-orient You to Center


In this heart-centered with Christine Laria, you will learn about:

  • Embodying the true essence of the Soul
  • Being a mother with many passions
  • The power of Sound in healing the body and deepening your connection to your inner gits
  • What are Sound and Vocal Alchemy and their numerous benefits
  • Letting go of the high expectations of being a Mother and being in presence and in love with your kids

Free Gift:

Sound Alchemy Album designed especially for our audience (3 MP3s)

About Christine Laria

Christine Laria is a sound channel, spiritual guide and teacher, and claire-sensory healer. Through her vibrational transmissions of presence, vocal alchemy, and crystalline sound, she guides, uplifts, and inspires those who are choosing a fully enlightened embodiment of love.

In her many lifetimes in this one, she has played the roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, muse, dancer and dance teacher, classical soprano, university music professor, choral and orchestral conductor, Carnegie Hall soloist, nationally televised CBS special music director, Reiki master, Quantum Energetics practitioner, Life Transformed coach, photographer, and mermaid.

Her joy is in guiding you to be the illumined master of your own life.

What others are saying about Christine Laria

“As usual, my time with you reminded me of my innate, joyful freedom and grounded me in deep peace and bliss. You are amazing!” ~Lucy, Oregon

“Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does. When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system. My system was in overwhelm from being on the road for too long and working on so many people. After my session with Christine I felt brand new again.” ~Zach Rehder, Arizona

“Oh wow…. I have been a Spiritual Messenger for many years and worked with incredibly wise and attuned healers-facilitators-teachers and Christine is by far one of the most clear, loving channels I have been blessed to work with!!! Her signature resonance is aligned with pure LOVE and you feel it even when you feel separate from that energy because of fear. She is a blessing to our world and if you are blessed to work with her you will be changed forever! Christine, thank you for being! I so much appreciate your love and light in these amazingly fast changing times!!!” ~Beth Fortman-Brand, Colorado

“I was so touched by your singing for me that I was in tears during the first listening. It was such a joy to receive something so beautiful. Even now I have tears in my eyes – I guess no-one really ever gave me anything which was so resonant with who I am.” ~Hilary, Switzerland


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