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Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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How to feel empowered as a sensitive parent (highly sensitive person and/or empath)


In this heart-centered with Heather Nardi, you will learn about:

  • Heather’s journey with her daughter being diagnosed of anxiety disorder
  • Creating/finding a loving and supportive space for one’s self as a highly sensitive mother
  • Being an example for your kids without the pressure of being perfect
  • Communicating with your kids when experiencing challenging emotions

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About Heather Nardi

Heather Nardi is an author and speaker certified as a Holistic Life Coach. Also, a mama to 2 children ages 13 and 20, married to Mario for 20 years. Heather is the only Highly Sensitive Mom that has written a memoir about her journey with sensitivity and her child’s multiple mental illness diagnosis. It was through her transformation that she understood that her child also has this trait and was not suffering from mental illness.

Heather is the Founder of Empath Mama, a community that provides loving guidance and support for mamas, who are sensitive souls (Empath and/or Highly Sensitive Person). The mission of Empath Mama is to offer loving guidance and wisdom through our community and education, so YOU feel empowered in your true essence. Find out more at: www.empathmama.com and www.heatheranardi.com 

What others are saying about Heather Nardi

“Heather has a way of being enthusiastic and sincere without hype. She is dedicated to her community and is fully engaged in providing value to others. She is great example of a servant leader because her actions and attitude are never self-serving but always for the good of the group.” ~Barb -Therapist

“Heather is really good at being considerate of other people’s feelings. I think it’s because she listens to each person and then is careful with her answers. Heather is good at being creative and helping others. She gets passionate about things she believes in and will seek to understand and find why things happen in life.” ~Angela – Product Manager

“Heather is very good at; breaking down and explaining complicated concepts and helping others feel confident in their ability to govern themselves. She is a permission giver.” ~Paige – Social Media Manager

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