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Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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Activate Your Goddess Brain with the Medicine Flow


In this heart-centered with Dr. Jinju Dasalla, you will learn about:

  • Medicine of Flow
  • The need for women to share their unique gifts
  • Co-creation between the Feminine and Masculine energies
  • NaiAsana Practice & The Goddess Brain™
  • How to bring the concepts of Feminine and Masculine to kids, beyond society’s pre-made definitions

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About Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT, is on a mission to share the medicine of “flow” and inspire the awakening, honoring, and celebration of the divine feminine wisdom within all beings. Dr. Dasalla is a co-founder of the NaiAsa Institute, where she directs programs for individuals and organizations pioneering new paradigms of healing, education and transformational learning based in scientific, spiritual and somatic principles. These programs include women’s coaching journeys, retreats, NeuroSomatic life coaching, and therapeutic flow arts.

Dasalla is also the creator of NaiAsana™, a cross-cultural somatic practice weaving asana, dance, and flow arts, to ultimately awaken universal feminine power and access innate somatic wisdom, both on and off the mat. This vinyasa of spiral, rhythmic and cross-body movement patterns, often incorporating props such as poi, hula hoops, and fire, allows effortless, joyful, restoration and repattering of the nervous system. In this way, not only does the NaiAsana practice help individuals discover new ways of moving, but also provides many therapeutic benefits.

Dr. Dasalla is also a former Neuroscience Research Fellow of the National Institute for Health (NIH), a published author in the April 2018 Brain Research Bulletin, faculty member of Hawai’i Yoga Institute, and was featured in Elle.com, after her successful debut at Wanderlust 2016. She is the creator and author of Beauty that Transforms and The Goddess Brain, both based on the successful transformational coaching program birthed in Hawai’i.

Dasalla’s most cherished mission and passion is creating space for women to awaken to their highest soul purpose and manifest their heart’s deepest desires. She currently lives in Bali with her beloved Nova and their 4 year old son, Sekai.

What others are saying about Dr. Jinju Dasalla

“Now, there is something to be said about that saying ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ This was my experience as I was Facebooking a while back and Dr. Jinju’s posts began speaking to me on that soul level. Then came that still, small voice, “message her”, so I did. I soon found myself taking an online course she offers and loving every moment of it. The information, the support, the depth of connection with other women, the healing, the empowerment. It was quite literally the answer to my prayers. Prayers for a more powerful way to manifest my dreams. Prayers for guidance and a clearer vision of my true purpose.
Now everything in me is determined to bring this work to my community here in Ghana, as well as be able to do it online.” With great Love and Gratitude ~Stephanie K, Ghana, Africa

“Dr. Jinju is an amazing facilitator. Her learned skills and curriculum are unique to her and her teaching style. She has taken ancient wisdom and blended it with new age education producing a truly unique gift to the Womanly arts. I feel more aligned in my body and I have the nuerological explanation as to WHY. Working with her, and participation in her programs has changed my life, and I am eternally grateful.” ~Angel Joy

“I cannot say enough to adequately express just how profoundly impactful the coaching journey with Dr. Jinju Dasalla has been.
I had tried almost every imaginable strategy to “fix” myself; talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-depressants, exercise addiction, enough self-help books to fill a small library, Alcoholics Anonymous, out-patient rehab, sheer willpower, and a plethora of various herbs and supplements… just to name FEW! While each of these strategies brought me forward in the journey of remembrance and healing, I still kept coming up against a wall time and time again that kept me from taking that big leap of faith into my divine truth.
Through my work with Dr. Jinju, I was able to truly let go of the past, the limiting beliefs that were created by it, and take that leap. I now have a clear vision of a whole new life ahead of me. I have fallen in love with dance again and being fully in the moments of my life. I have shed behaviors that were destructive and that no longer serve me. I literally feel as though I have been re-born!
I am eternally grateful to Dr. Jinju for believing in me when I still could not believe in myself, and for holding such sacred space time and time again while I wrestled with my demons and ultimately rose through the shadow self to stand brilliant within the fiery glow of my own beautiful goddess self. In words that Dr. Jinju has spoken to so many, Mahalo nui loa.”
~Shawna Johnson


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