Lanna Spencer Session

Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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Continuity Consciousness & Vibrational Awareness


In this heart-centered with Lanna Spencer, you will learn about:

  • Continuity consciousness, remembering who we are and what we are expanding into
  • Stepping into multi-dimensional awareness and having more freedom interfacing with all the attributes of yourself
  • Healing the core wounds and operating in unity consciousness
  • Anchoring all the attributes you want to see for yourself and our planet
  • Group process to receive Inception energies of Sacred Sites in the earth (Mother Energy)

Free Gift:

Expanding Love (MP3)

Love is the key to all forms of healing, change, and expanding awareness. This is a powerfully transformative experiential recording of a 2019 live broadcast given by Lanna Spencer on Expanding Love through entrainment and stepping into quantum awareness

About Lanna Spencer

Lanna Spencer was born in 1960 with her continuity of consciousness intact and a soul recall of her many lifetimes and fully awakened psychic abilities. She holds degrees in human services and nursing and has a detailed knowledge of body systems.

Lanna describes herself as a lightweaver, bridger of realms & Spiritual midwife for progressive Awakening, personal freedom and transcendence from 3D to 12D and beyond, ushering in the New Wave of Human Being™© from birth to death and all stages in between.

Lanna works in concert with the spiritual wisdom & mentoring of all of the Ascended masters, interdimensional light beings and Realms who support the biophotonic evolution of Earth into the full manifestation of the Unity field.

She has been tasked with facilitating the rebirth of humanity into new Earth through her multi and interdimensional Vivaxis work along with the support of Mother Mary and a collective of Ascended masters known as the Sisterhood of the Rose which includes Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Tara, Hathor, Isis, and White Buffalo Woman.

She has the facility to serve as a spirit bridger between the earth, spirit and the body. She is able to see, weave, interact and transmit light codes and frequencies from many realms, and dimensions including Source Life Streaming energies that provide progressive Awakening codes via New Earth sacred interdimensional temple sites. Her voice and presence are a living transmission of the spiritual energies & wisdom working through her.

Why I Teach

“I teach for Love & because I can show you how to fully awaken your heart & reconcile the painful gaps between your humanness and your full Soul expression. I can take you into the brilliance and flow of the cosmic Life stream again and again, as many times as you like until you feel like you are home within yourself, fully whole, focused and at peace in your skin and in your life. I can take you on many great adventures in consciousness and show you how if you learn to play more with the Universe, the Universe will play back. What could be more fulfilling than that? ~Lanna

Her work has touched the hearts , awakened, and healed 1000s around the world.

What others are saying about Lanna Spencer

“I am a Medical Doctor and in general, somewhat skeptical of energy workers and some of the crazy cure-all claims. And yet, I want to be able to do more for my own patients, the ones who are resistant to following their treatment plans. I was referred to Lanna by a colleague. Her presence and knowledge base is remarkable. She actually extended our time together at no charge to support my inquiries. My time with her has changed my attitude about the caliber and usefulness of Entrainment in Western medicine. I am walking away with more knowledge and confidence in what I can do within the context of my practice. Additionally, my eyesight and brain feel clearer, my thoughts are calmer, and there is a softness in my heart and a deep sense of peace and calm that wasn’t there before. Thank you Lanna” ~Anonymous, USA

“Wow! I feel completely different after going through the program. SO much love… my eyesight is better. I look different too. It was a whole body experience… Every Time, I was tingling all over or would get knocked out. It felt like a big darkness was being purged from my timeline while I was in the middle of a while light bubble that continued to grow in my head, heart and stomach area. I have a sense of more inner power that comes with inner peace. I feel like my white light of being was brought all the way into my cells and I am a Lotus in full bloom.” ~CL, Canada

“The clarity and benefits I received from her sessions and classes continues to unfold in many areas of my life. I have done energy work and used entrainment audios before, but this is really next level stuff! She is living within the Lifestream, being it. The caliber of her spiritual transmissions is very clear and effective and are also easy to work with. Thank you.” ~MM


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