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Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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New Paradigm of Parent-Child Relationship


In this heart-centered with Sarah Lynn, you will learn about:

  • Allowing an organic co-creation between the Divine and Human aspects of ourselves
  • Shifting from a traditional parent-child relationship, to union & companionship
  • Allowing & supporting your kids in embodying their True Self
  • Empowering your kids through their relationship with society

Free Gift:

February 2020 livestream gathering, where we unfold consciousness information in fun and lighthearted ways (Live Video Streaming)

About Sarah Lynn

Aristote conveyed the sentiment that we are what we repeatedly do. If this holds true, Sarah Lynn is a mom, wife, faithful companion servant to a dog and a kitten, happy homemaker, writer, facilitator, educator, coach, illuminator, guide and conscious conversationalist. She loves life immensely, and spends her days wrapped in the joy of living.

Beyond definition, Sarah Lynn is what we all are – a spark of radiant light focusing awareness on the colourful vibrations that invite physical existence…and loving every minute of it.

What others are saying about Sarah Lynn

“I felt completely connected to my true being for the first time in my life.” ~Angela, West Virginia

“Sarah Lynn is a master of love and ALL energies! Her ability to guide you to the answers that you seek with absolute love and compassion is truly remarkable. The greatest gift I’ve received from working with Sarah Lynn has been the awakening of my own energy through her willingness and patience to guide me along my personal path. Sarah Lynn is a blessing and shining light to everyone she comes in contact with.” ~Jason, Alberta

“I had an amazing wondrous healing with Sarah Lynn as she helped me integrate the various human aspects of myself (ego, child, etc.) that I had isolated from my divine self. The work was done in an atmosphere of unconditional love, grace and respect. Since the session I have been at peace with ease and grace even with the bumps of old beliefs about myself that are inevitable with such a healing. I feel much more whole and much more relaxed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” ~Pat, USA


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