Vandana Atara Aura Session

Awakening the Divine Feminine Series
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Self-care for Mothers & Divine Love Embodiment


In this heart-centered with Vandana Atara Aura, you will learn about:

  • Vandana’s Soul role as a Single Mother
  • Her relationship with her son who is on the autistic spectrum with aspergers
  • Soul lessons she’s learned along the way that have strengthened, empowered & defined her Divine Femininity & Sacred Sovereignty in this incarnation
  • Embodying Divine Love
  • Self-care for Mothers and sustaining a harmonic family structure

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About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana Atara Aura was gifted her name by her spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi affectionately known as Amma the Hugging Saint from India. The Sanskrit word Amma means Mother. Vandana was gifted her sacred name by her divine mother to embody the qualities of motherly love, benevolence, kindness & compassion.

She is the Creator & Guiding Light of Vandana Light Healing & is a divine channel, soul guide, angelic shaman, energy healer, mentor & ascension teacher whose soul role is to inspire and empower all sentient beings.

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What others are saying about Vandana Atara Aura

“It was WORTH WAITING my whole LIFETIME for this. I am so without words and so hopeful for this amazing connection….I was dumped off the phone twice and came into this instead. Brilliant work, Precious One. Brilliant.” ~Virginia

“I just have to thank you for this profoundly beautiful and potent call. Vandana’s energy and the processes she did were so brilliant and elevating, and I definitely felt like a new person by the end! Wow! I feel so tremendously blessed to have been a part of this experience! I received a huge healing today. I just can’t thank you enough” ~Kathy

FROM GRIEF to PEACE “3 years ago, I lost my beloved cat. I had her for 16 & 1/2 years. I now realize there was a huge amount of grief and sorrow that I wasn’t willing to look at or feel until one day I could no longer ignore the pain and sadness I was feeling. I was looking for answers about our soul connection and why my beloved feline companion’s soul chose to return to heaven. That’s when I met Vandana, a caring and compassionate soul who always has my best interest at Heart. Each time I have a session with Vandana, I feel more peaceful and joyful. She has now become my teacher and I am happy for the experience I have through the Akashic records. I highly recommend working with her and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. In one of our Akashic reading sessions, my loving cats came through to Vandana. She patiently and lovingly took the time to channel messages from my cats in heaven which resulted in me finding acceptance and peace of mind and Heart in knowing I could never lose them and their love. It’s been a while since I have felt so good. Thank you Vandana for your spiritual guidance in my life. I have finally found the peace, ease and grace I was looking for. Thank you & Bless You Vandana!” ~Mai-Britt, Denmark


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